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Garnett returned to Minnesota to start Garnett, not only let the fans excited, but let him once again become the master of the city, the scene before he appeared in Minnesota Shuangcheng's kick-off ceremony, but that you most unexpectedly is his feet wearing a pair of Air Jordan "Concord" Low 11 in this scene, as if to let us go back to Garnett's rookie season, when he was wearing Air& nbsp Jordan "Concord"; 11 stage combat. century about the city, "practice" Adidas "summer training country" in Shanghai hot summer sports fashion 2016-07-25 11:48:22 opening lead global sports leading brand Adidas officially unveiled in Shanghai Century Park, this summer the hottest national sports event - Adidas "Xia Xia state", combined with its football, basketball, training and running four core sports category, to create the coolest stadium in shanghai. On the day of the event, the star studded, Adidas sports performance image spokesmen Eddie Peng, 90 generations of niche Jiang Jinfu and actor Zhang Lan heart are coming to the opening ceremony, together with Adidas start a month of "summer training state" extraordinary sports experience tour. Adidas group general manager of Greater Chin air jordan 11 space jam for sale a director Gao Jiali (Colin Currie) said: "summer training country" is not only Adidas in Greater China initiative, is also the 2020 global strategy - "Lixin" (Creating the New) is an important step in China market practice, choose to carry out this project in one of Adidas global six key city of Shanghai is more significant. Xia Xia state once again highlights Adidas's strengths in its core sports field and its commitment to deep plowing into the Chinese market, while stimulating the public's passion for sports and cultivating a positive lifestyle." (from left to right) 90 popular niche Jiang Jinfu and Adidas China district marketing vice president He Yaohui (Philip Ho), Adidas sports show the image of Luo Manhe spokesperson Eddie Peng, vice president of Adidas Greater China sport performance market (Marc Le Roux), actor Zhang Lanxin together for this summer's hottest sports event - "summer training country" opening. multi challenge dare to "practice" come to "summer training country" officially opened, Eddie Peng, Jiang Jinfu, Zhang Lanxin, et al. Then the first experience of sports interactive projects, a number of carefully crafted by the Adidas include: seconds o jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n the battlefield, speed, hot shot, phantom energy fruit juice, I hit a record, let the event reached a climax. As Adidas sports performance image spokesmen, Eddie Peng personally demonstrate "record I create" project, in the form of running to create positive energy, encourage Shanghai sports enthusiasts 〉 z/ [T1 * R:, k:, G3: R. P! B5 K% g the Air Jordan will be on sale in April 19th 11 Low finally got the real picture color snakeskin partial, black patent leather mesh fabric collocation snakeskin pattern, then I believe there will be more image exposure, please pay close attention to the most our new report.Malcom Mclaren x Supreme x Vans V-79 is known as the "father of the British punk" Malcolm Mclaren was born in 1946 in a suburb of London, in 1971 set up a the Back of called "In Paradise Garage" Kings Road No. 430 in the clothing store, shop concept is mainly selling antisocial and anti culture attitude of rock products, the number of days after the name change, from In the Back of Paradise Garage, Let It Rock, Too Fast To Live Too Young To Die, at the end of 1974 named "Sex", the shop dress style from Retro, Harmonia collage decadent wind, to finally only the sale o jordans on sale mens f black leather clothing: rock wall, covered with graffiti porn Sex shop in Malcolm McLaren, found a few names often come to patronize the store clerk with the combination of the unemployed young people known as the "Sex Pistols" Orchestra, orchestra and himself as a broker, Malcolm McLaren and Sex shops operating together The day after his girlfriend, also known as "punk" Vivienne Westwood, the mother is the driving force behind the British punk movement, Malcolm McLaren during the study period has been well received by the students strike in France in 1968 May storm impact, in the field of 800 thousand students, teachers, workers united against the police in fierce conflict, he learn how to possess people in the heart of anger, Malcolm McLaren using anti culture, anti social advocated the combination of music, his political ideas through its band message to the world.well-known sports brand adidas and fashion designer Rick Owens groups of Tech Runner joint shoes, since last year's debut in the 2014 spring and summer fashion show, its popularity soared, becoming all fashionistas buying inventory in the fashion items one. This is to announce its Rick Owens for adidas 2014 Winter Serie jordan 3 katrina 2018 s Tech Runner shoes, this time designed to help low-presentation, stitching suede and mesh material is more simple, soles of Rick Owens iconic zigzag pattern, 4 models were introduced color, which is priced at $ 790. Interested friends may wish to pay more attention to yo!men love sports, but there are few people who are not love sports. Of course, many girls also love sports, there are a lot of Jordan powder. But today is not about Jordan, only wearing Jordan shoes girl. girl of basketball is not particularly cold, especially those NBA black stars, face blindness broke out, with the boys see South Korean female stars, completely didn't know who was who. But the air Michael · we definitely know Jordan, he has created a legend in the world of basketball. in the name of his Air Jordan series shoes sports shoes also created a legend, AJ is now available from 1985 to the 30 generation. Remember when love to see the "master", Rukawa Kaede dunk Sakuragi often wearing Air Jordan shoes. AJ the boys on the shoes are very obsessed, had more masculine AJ shoes also slowly spread to the female trend. Even formed a shoe named class girl -- AJ Girl, AJ Girl has become synonymous wi jordans on sale online th fashion, cool girl. has said that men cannot resist wear AJ girls, they don't like high-heeled shoes, prefer sports shoes; love ladies wind, prefer street fashion, do not follow suit always maintain its own unique personality, set of feminine and masculine handsome, like AJ Girl who can resist the. Although the Air Jordan series of shoes have been out to the 30 generation, but most girls often wear, but also more suitable for girls is that several generations, I will focus on. The other you will look good, anyway, you also write more in no mood to see. is the most popular with girls shoes AIR JORDAN I (1 generation): 1984 -1985 (March 1985) Air Jordan 1 is Nike Air Jordan series is the first generation of basketball shoes, was born in 1985, the red color, is the only one in all AJ series with Nike Logo shoes. Then the evolution of a super multi color, color is the most shoes in the series of AJ models. AJ1 is one of the most classic and popular shoes throughout the Jordan series. The classic black and white red color collocation is the most popular, regardless of tannin single product or a single product OK camouflage. black and white style more concise, all-mat buy cheap jordans online ch. AJ1 is not like other shoes so domineering, so go small fresh line also can be. AIR JORDAN III (3 generation): 1987 -1988. want to buy good shoes, please add money. take a look at the most popular a few pairs of shoes, Air Jordan 1 is not black and blue on sale has been pushed up to 3000RMB, Yeezy has been pushed up to 10 thousand RMB white horse, AJ KAWS Air Jordan joint models; 4 also pushed up to more than 10 thousand RMB. this year, have to spend hundreds of pieces, fry price to buy shoes, wear out face. But it seems that my brother in Shenyang, "fried price to get good shoes" this theory, bullshit. Two days before , the trend of website Hypebeast released "the best shoes Top U.S. sales in 2016 10, with sales of digital certificates which pair of shoes is classic good shoes. and the 10 pair of shoes, with the most original price can buy: Top 1 adidas Originals Superstar market price: said Superstar "rotten Street", Yang brother I really laugh, you also have the ability to make a pair of shoes to rotten street for decades? also said Superstar sell well, because the price is cheap is not limited. But Yang brother I have to say, because the Superstar can n cheap air jordans ot enough classic, in the case of hype gimmick, still being sought. now some of the so-called "God shoes", if not limited, open to sell, you see there are a few people to buy. Top 2 Air Jordan 12 market price: Nike Nike and Air Jordan account with Converse, three brands, the United States title shoes sales charts home for nearly 10 years, this year in the top 10 accounted for 9 seats, but the first throne to Adidas - The heart of Nike saying "Mom" selling group I not to be spoken. in China, AJ12 rarely appear like "AJ1" and "AJ11 forbidden to wear big dunk" or "black gold" AJ4 a few days ago this explosion. Although the same fare to buy, but compared to other AJ generation is engraved, AJ12 called conscience price speculation. Top 3 Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Low market price: about 500 Nike a few years ago gave the classic All-Star and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star air launched II, a lot of speculation, the thankless, soon forgotten by everyone -- I want to buy a pair of strong engaging canvas shoes, you must give me a cushion, it is not equivalent to the egg pie filling poured ice.This pair of Lining Wade's 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) in the end system can be called cheap foamposites the strongest in the history of the Li Ning Co, in order to give the wearer the best cushioning effect, let each fall to become a kind of enjoyment, designers try their best to use a variety of technology to create the dual headed Ning Wade road 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3). On a shoe heel position, a cushioning rubber is placed in this way, it will force the first time on the knees to a minimum, in addition, the forefoot part designers use a Li Ning Co has long been famous Bounse cushioning technology, at the same time as the collocation Cushion cushioning technology, these two kinds of classic cushioning technology without say, I believe we are already aware of the effect. In order to get the ultimate shock experience, designers in the Lining Wade way 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) between the middle sole and the outsole using Li Ningyun cushioning technology, which will undoubtedly make the shoe cushioning effect to the next level. Can be said to make this pair of shoes with cushioning effect, designers will first focus areas of special treatment, heel, forefoot, as were other regions the same as the application of science and technology, loading Li Ning Co unique and innovative technology Retro jordans for sale , the design of such great sincerity, believe that everyone on this pair of Lining Wade Road (3 LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) full of expectation. It is worth mentioning that, in order to cope with the high strength against the NBA court, the shoe designer also joined the arch position of carbon fiber plate, which we often say "carbon plate", different from the usual, the carbon plate area increases a lot, connected to the shoe body inside, so that the double transformation the shoe torsional significantly enhance the force transmission of excessive back to former palm uniform is abrupt, let the players more at ease, Lining Wade 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) the stability of impeccable. Wade said in the series, the outer bottom are full of stories and topics of the Lining Wade road 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) is no exception. First, Wade's Logo eye, in the most eye-catching position by adding your own personal Logo undoubtedly also proved that Wade himself is confident of this pair of shoes. " Way Of Wade" the words prove the pure blood, and " TNS" "I believe we are not unfamiliar, this is " Team No Sleep" (sleepless team) for the arch is carbon plate and Wade's handwritten signature. In this pair Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale of Lining Wade's 3 (LI-NING Way Of Wade 3) and one of several new elements to join them. " SPH" the word first appeared, it represents Wade's family, Wade knew that his success cannot do without the encouragement and support of the family. " BIGZ LILZ DADA UNIONWADE"0 by China textile industry branch of CCPIT, light industry, Fujian Province branch of CCPIT, Putian municipal government jointly hosted the fourth session of China (Putian) International Shoes Trade Fair opened in Putian city on the 16 day. participate in the exposition of many Taiwan funded enterprises to reflect the increasing market competition under the background of financial crisis, more and more importance to the development of the mainland market apparel enterprises. : Putian is located in the central coast of Fujian, Taiwan and across the sea, both in textile, clothing, shoes and hats and other industries long-term cooperative relations. The Expo dedicated Pavilion in Taiwan, including a total of Taiwan shoes and apparel enterprises, 206 domestic and overseas clothing, footwear, textile industry expo debut. see in the Taiwan Expo Exhibition for reporters on the morning of 16, some Taiwan enterprises producing shoes and apparel products to attract a lot of visitors. Xie Yu, marketing director of Taiwan funded enterprises high dengda outdoor leisure sports goods Co., told reporters that morning booth has received many number of domestic and foreign buyers. high dengda company before specializing in export products, in recent years due to the deterioration of the international trade environment, turning to the mainland domestic market, now in the mainland has developed more than 80 franchisees. Xie Yu said, because the transition earlier, the financial crisis since last year, the impact on the company is not obvious. another company in Taiwan Pavilion Mai Mai clothing is a veteran Taiwan garment enterprise. In 2000, the company opened a factory in Shishi, Fujian, and regarded the mainland as the main battlefield for the development of clothing business". Company customer service department director Yang Chunhua told reporters that the current export ratio within the company, about 9 in 1, the main focus in the mainland. the reporter learned that, in order to show the Taiwan related to the development level of the industry, accelerate the development of the mainland market, Taiwan Textile Federation also organized a 13 garment enterprises collective exhibition Expo, for the mainland brought the advanced idea and fashion industry in Taiwan stream elements. (Editor: admin)CESARIO LO deserved to become the symbol of Creative Recreation shoes, recently, CESARIO LO re-launched a new color. & Nbsp; The new color with a very classic camouflage pattern building, wove camouflage pattern material so that the whole pair of shoes Shoes less feeling but greatly increased its trend feeling, and select with the camouflage pattern of the soles and inner lining color is also very good to highlight the sporty entire pair of shoes. Litchi leather material embellishment, but also the texture of the shoes will not look too thin. & Nbsp; Currently this shoe has been on sale in the CR United States. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;0.jpg (162.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-29 16:06 upload 1.jpg (149.83 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-29 16:06 upload 2.jpg (289.76 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2016-1-29 16:06 upload 20100322223353.jpg (46.33 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-23 08:49 upload 20100322222537_0_.jpg (58.67 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-23 08:49 upload 20100322222537_1_.jpg (51.08 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2010-3-23 08:49 uploadPlayers Reebok Shaqnosis movement to create a whole new steel version 2013-08-16 11:46:35 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes News Network on August 16 this year, was engraved remodeling Reebok basketball shoe manufacturer Reebok Shaqnosis recently was with Shaquille O'Neal starred in 1997 film "Man of Steel" as the theme, to create a new "Steel" steel version. Design modeled on Shaquille O'Neal in the movie wearing the silver steel armor, with silver materials to create full of technology appearance, but with green luminous material on the soles, the overall visual effect will make it more eye-catching. Shoes priced at $ 115, coming in limited form on August 28 formally shelves. Related news