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Deliverable Materials
The estimated period of delivery
2.1.1. Establishing international panel of experts
R 1.3 Terms of reference and the methodological framework for working with foreign experts
March 2009
2.1.2. Comparative analysis of international practice regarding research assessment
R 2.1 Report regarding the international practice in research assessment
June 2009
4.1.1. Establishing criteria and selecting maximum 30 scientific journals
R 4.1 Selection criteria for scientific journals for editorial training
March 2009
4.1.2 Choosing consultant for editorial training
R 4.2 Terms of reference for editorial training consultant
May 2009
4.4.1 Elaborating the technical specifications (web platform for editorial support)
R 4.4 Technical specifications for achieving the informatics platform for editorial support
June 2009
5.1.1 Defining competences which are to be developed and the associated curricula
R 5.2 Curricula associated to the presentation programme
May 2009
5.1.2 Establishing criteria and selection in the programme of young researchers
R 5.1 Selection criteria of the PhD students for preparing them in scientific authorship
May 2009
5.2.1 Defining functional specifications – support platform for scientific authorship
5.2.1 Material with technical specifications for achieving scientific authorship platform
April 2009
6.1 Achieving guidelines manual for visual identity and communication strategy
6.1 Guidelines manual of visual identity
April 2009
6.3 Achieving web page
6.3 Functional web page
May 2009

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