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Romanian Research Assessment Exercise

Romanian Research Assessment Exercise

On the 4 – 5 of March 2010 the members of the International Steering Committee of the Project met at the headquarters of CEPES-UNESCO.  Members of International Steering Committee presented the international experience: Prof. Tadeusz LUTY, Prof. Laszlo KEVICZKY, Prof. Hans Peter JENSEN, Dr. Sonja BERGHOFF, Prof. Karel AIM, Prof. Erkki LEPPAVUORI, Par OMLING. The representatives of the Project presented the draft of the specific assessment methodologies that will be used for the Romanian Research Assessment Exercise.

Danish Assessment Exercise , Prof. Hans Peter JENSEN, please access here
Finish Assessment Exercise– Prof. Erkki LEPPAVUORI, please access here
European University Rankingna universităților, Dr. Sonja BERGHOFF, please access here
Swedish Assessment Experience, Prof. Par OMLING please access here

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