The increase of the capacity for scientific authorship


 Through the professional training of the post-graduates, an important result will be the significant increase of the capacity for the capitalization of the scientific knowledge in universities, which will trigger/determine the sustainability of the higher education system and research for the forming of the human resources for the development of the knowledge society in Romania.
The book of training for the scientific…. Will be printed and multiplied on DVD support for dissemination, being available in a great number of copies after the finishing of the project and will be ready to be accessed within the project platform.
The increase of the capacity for scientific …. will be done through general and specific training sessions, which will approach concrete cases of data processing in order for a top class scientific article to be written.
The collaboration in the area of scientific research of a great number of users at national level will be made through the IT platform of “Knowledge Sharing Platform”. The post-graduates contribute to the dissemination of the knowledge through collaboration and creation of topic/thematic networks with other researchers within the research system in universities.


The fifth training session in scientific

Between October 29 and 30 the fifth training session in scientific… will take place. This session will be hosted by the Aula Magna of the University of Bucharest and addresses the young researchers from the area of the exact sciences, form the University of Bucharest.
The registrations can be done until October 25, on, specifying the Phd domain.

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June 2024

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