Doctorate in universities of excellence


The aim of this work package is the analysis of the international systems of excellence evaluation in research and the elaboration of an evaluation system

Objectives and Activities


1. The elaboration of a referential for the academic research for excellence/excellence research
            This objective aims at analyzing the systems of excellence promoting relevant at international level, at identifying the standards and the benchmarks applicable in Romania. For the achievement of this objective, combined methods will be used, such as analysis on documents and methodologies, documentation visits, comparative analysis, workshops with international participation.
2. The elaboration of a methodology for the application of an excellence programme in the academic research
            This objective will be achieved on three different levels: the elaboration of a methodology by the experts, correlated with the international tendencies, the involvement of the key actors through public debate of the methodology project for the excellence programme, and through the legislative recommendations, meant to make the excellence programme an operational one at national level.

Publishing date:

Events' calendar

November 2020

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